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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Entertaining Camel Pictures

Before I leave the topic of camels, I thought I would share some entertaining pictures. As I emphasized in the last post, camels are quite important to the people living in the Persian Gulf Region, and well beyond - all the way east to China, north to Russia, and across North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean. Most of us in the West don't understand camels!

Below is a picture of a real situation somewhere in the world (green trees and vegetation hardly look like Arabia). Notice the restraining ropes around the camels' necks and a strap across their front legs. A full-grown camel weights up to 700 kg. (1540 lbs.). That makes about 1-1/2 metric tons in the pick-up!

A "staged" photo? Maybe. It's in a parking lot at a real gas station, so the setting is authentic. 
Nevertheless, it's funny.

This is definitely fake - two camels in a car. This picture has been "Photoshopped," as we say here. Camels have huge bodies and don't fit inside a car!

This picture was taken in Afghanistan. Pakistani men dress similarly.
Affection... On his hat, it says "Australia," and the man doesn't look Arabic... The two of them do bear a resemblance...

UAE or Saudi Arabia?
These two look like they're from North Africa, to me...
This "guy" must be from Saudi Arabia, or the UAE!
Heart-felt communication in North Africa. "Meester, would you like ride my camel? He very friendly."   
Trudging across the sand dunes.

Many people rent a camel to visit the pyramids.
The picture below was probably taken in the Sahara Desert.
Camel racing at special tracks is popular in Oman and especially the UAE. These riders are just having fun - this is not a formal race.

Camels present a serious threat to drivers in this part of the world. It's not uncommon to read about highway fatalities caused by a car hitting a camel that is crossing a highway at night. Because of their long legs and massive bodies, they end up coming through the windshield...

Watch out! Camel on highway!

Camels should wear protective clothing! [Whose crazy idea was this?! There are undoubtably 10,000's of wild camels living in the desert.]
When driving your car during the day in remote locations in Oman, you may have to stop and let a herd of wild camels cross the road. (This picture is from a personal friend who took this picture near Salalah.)
Below is a picture of one of my students making a classroom presentation - notice the photo he chose to project... "Carrying heavy animals" - a camel - in a Toyota pick-up!

Holy cow! Now camels are used to sell cars in Oman! I recently saw this poster in City Centre - a nearby shopping center.
The motif reminds me of dinosaur pictures in picture books when I was a kid: these huge grazing animals, dwarfing automobiles, towering over the landscape...
I think I'd better hurry and buy a new car...

Cute cartoon-style picture!

An artificial camel? (People are sometimes weird!)

If you haven't yet seen my original Blog Post about "Camel Day at the SQU Veterinary Conference," you can click here.

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